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Yiwu logistics for four consecutive years won national awards

2017-08-17 16:02:56 Fenda Trading Company Limited Read

In the just concluded 13th China International Logistics Festival and the 16th China International Transport and Logistics Fair, Yiwu won the "China Logistics Top Ten Most Innovative City Award," which is the "capital of China Business Logistics after Award "," China city logistics development Features Award "," China logistics Center city outstanding Achievement Award ", the fourth consecutive year the city won the national logistics Award.

The awards sponsored by the China International Logistics Festival, through layers of selection of new members, from the city to win a number of participating cities, fully reflects the industry for innovation and development of Yiwu logistics industry recognition.

In recent years, around the comprehensive reform of international trade and domestic trade circulation system integrated pilot development, the city's logistics initiative butt "along the way" national strategy, firmly grasp the "Hong Kong five integration" an important opportunity for integrated development of Zhejiang Province, logistics management continue to explore mechanisms and business innovation, accelerate the pace of industry transformation and upgrading, better play a fundamental and strategic role in the logistics industry. By 2015, the city's commerce 64.113 million tons of cargo. Among them, 31.99 million tons of domestic cargo consignment, with an average annual increase of 9.9%, "five-second" period; Yiwu Port Container Shi Feng volume 532,000 TEUs, an average annual increase of 4.5%; customs monitoring container exports 839,000 TEUs year average increase of 7.8%. Domestic express average daily volume of 1.8 million members, a member of cross-border express daily amount of 600,000, the highest in the nation. Recently, Yiwu has been listed as the first batch of the National Development and Reform Commission of modern logistics development innovation pilot cities.

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