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Yiwu inbound and outbound messages locally through customs

2017-08-17 16:15:16 Fenda Trading Company Limited Read

Yesterday, with the Yiwu Customs officers from South Korea sent the first international mail votes completed unpacking inspection procedures, Yiwu international mail exchange offices officially started entry Mail regulatory business, all inbound and outbound messages for local through customs. Yiwu became after Hangzhou, Wenzhou, the province's third realization inbound and outbound e-mail through customs of the local city.

After the entry of the mail business opened, Yiwu entry message will no longer have to detour Hangzhou customs clearance procedures, the message can be transferred directly from Hangzhou to Yiwu customs clearance procedures, thereby eliminating the office staff member, Hangzhou, Yiwu trouble in two places, time costs, logistics costs can be substantially reduced.

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